Review: Nintendo DSi (Black)

In Nintendo, Review on April 5, 2009 by Eric77lv

At midnight today I had gotten my DSi. I have played with ti long enough to review it. First off is Pros and Cons.


Has bigger screens, more Wifi support, downloadable games, free 1000 Nintendo DSi Points, SD card support, matte finish, camera with distortion lens, much better sound quality, Virtual Console for GBA coming soon.


Removal of Game Boy slot, flash cards wont work, no video support, battery life in the range of 4-5 hours

Nintendo DSi Camera

With the addition of 2 new cameras and a distortion lens, I think it is very nice. Now when they say .3 megapixels It really looks like 1 or 2 megapixels. Unfortunately my SD card was acting up, so I cannot post a picture I took with my DSi. Over all the DS camera is very nice. Yet, it is not for professional use, just a camera to have fun and play around with.

Nintendo DSi Sound

Now the Nintendo DSi has the ability to play back audio. You can with record it or put a song on a SD card. There are many cool things that you can do with that audio. You can make the tempo faster or slower, or you can make it high pitched or low pitched.

Nintendo DSi Shop

Nintendo now has made a shop for the Nintendo DSi. You can download games and applications from DSiWare, which is much like WiiWare. Wii Points have now been rebranded as Nintendo Points. If you charge them to DSi they are called Nintendo DSi Points, if you charge them to Wii they are Wii Points. Right now the pricing structure is Free, 200 points, 500 points, and 800+ points. Nintendo has said that they will add more things to Nintendo DSi Shop at the start every month. Nintendo has also said that they will have Virtual Console on DSiShop for GBA games. Nintendo has also said that they will have Virtual Console on DSiShop for GBA games. Right now there is now much. Right now this is what applications/ games are on DSiShop: Nintendo DSi Browser (Free), Bird & Beans (200 points), Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face (200 points), WarioWare: Snapped! (500 points), Art Style: AQUIA (500 points), and Brain Age Express: Math (800 points).

Final Words

The DSi is not for everyone. If you have the first DS and have money for the DSi, I say go for it. Yet, if you have a DS Lite I would just wait, unless you have the money. It’s also great for people who are on the go or are with friends much of the time.


Right now the MSRP for the DSi is $169.99. If you are in Nevada with taxes it would be $183.16. The DSi currently comes in 2 colors: Ice Blue and Black.

I give Nintendo DSi a 4.9 out of 5


2 Responses to “Review: Nintendo DSi (Black)”

  1. I found this blog through Google. Great information. Will be back in the future!

  2. i love my Nintendo wii, i almost use it everyday because i am a video game addict. love the nice features.”;;

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